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NCIS Review: Prankster vs. Prankster

Please not Borin as Ziva's replacement. 1. Why would she want it? She has the equivalent of Gibbs job now. A reduction in pay and position for what? 2. It would not bring the team together. Tony has always wanted to replace Gibbs. but there is no way he has the chops before a government promotion board (I speak from experience) to beat her out for the job. And Tony would always let that fact fester in the background. Borin would destroy the team, not add to it. Nor do I see her barking out Yes Boss, How High Boss. By the way, where are Leon and Palmer? It shouldn't take these many new people muddling around to replace one character. They are coming very close to jumping the shark. The stories are becoming confused messes. I give them one more try. I have friends who have already quit watching. And I nailed the culprit in the first scene he appeared in also,

NCIS Review: True Honor

Ick! In real Afghanistan, as in the story, they are throwing acid in the faces of girls who try to study, or commit a long list of "crimes. That McGee would walk out and leave those girls to whatever torture the men had planned was one of two things: shameful or not credible. As for Gibbs kicking him out, again, choose shameful or not credible. Since these are supposed to be strong men who protect those who need protecting, I will vote for not credible,
At the end of last season, NCIS was credited with 22M+ viewers. Three weeks in this season, 17M. I think there is a wake up call here. Somebody better decide where his show is going, and fast Otherwise I have $100 that it is not renewed. May not even make it to Christmas.

NCIS Review: Farewell to Ziva

What I got out of it is Ziva made a big rethink when the doctor whined about no one mourning murders. Ziva, honey, your dear sweet brother was a vicious murder who enjoyed it. Why don't you and doc join the Manson girls.
The lack of logic in the whole thing was Jump the Shark Territory. And how come the man who was prosecuting Gibbs show up in a truck to rescue him. But what bugged me the most is she could slobber all over Tony but not take two seconds to say good bye to any of the people three episodes ago she called "my family." If I was the new SecNav I would make mean old prosecutor go through every thing 2 or 3 more times to see if she wasn't a plant.