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Well she lead them all on. She swap spit with them all. Caress and flirted with them all. She basically gave them all the same lines. Giving them Hope and a sense of they are were they guy for her. What should have happen they should have done a back ground check on her to find out why her marriage ended. They walked into a Ready Made Family. She's passive agressive. Ari is bless she did not choose him. Jeff well Jeff well he will flip the switch on her the wedding may take place" But Jeff said and I qoute" She May Pick Me, but I don't see This working" It's game to him at this point. All the men she hurt she has to give account for that. Men Thank God She Did Not Choose YOU. When You all look at the tape. Is this Someone You Really Want. I can almoet guarantee she is still seeing her Childs Father as well. She's not what you wanted. View the tapes>

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