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NCIS Season Finale Review: "Pyramid"

I can't wait for Season 9 already!!


Charlie as a regular is just beyond my comprehension!

NCIS Review: Baltimore's Finest

one of the best episodes in NCIS history

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liam with annie or liam with naomi?

I've only just started watching 90210 and I have to say, Liam and Naomi will always be my favorite couple! I just can't believe they had to write such crappy storyline for these two after building up high hopes for their relationship. End of S2 is such a disappointment for me. I never liked Liam and Annie together, they just don't have that chemistry and Annie is so boring!

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I just feel really bad for Louis

I felt awful for him too. Blair was just... smh. But I also think that while Louis believes in Blair, she doesn't truly believe in herself. She doesn't think she's worth the happiness that Louis and other people can bring her.  She said it herself to Chuck - "happiness is not the most important thing." That is one fucked up statement right there imo

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Hugo Becker talks Prince Louis and Blair

Thanks Amie :)

I agree with him, Blair and Louis could definitely make a terrific couple!

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