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90210 Review: "Winter Wonderland"

liam naomi, dixon silver, ade and navid...... FOREVER!!

Chuck and Blair: Twilight Style

they both look so hot in this pic!!! its just crazy

Riggins in College

its a great show :)

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Vanessa! no.9 on tv.com's most annoying characters on TV


haha, vanessa abrams is on no.9 in the list! ;)

we couldnt agree more....!


"Why, exactly, is Vanessa even on this show? The character in the books was interesting—a shaved-headed, sexually curious artiste. But because The CW seems mostly unwilling to have any truly off-beat characters, they've served us this wan, lukewarm, centrist version of Vanessa. For the first two seasons her presence was only occasional, which we could tolerate. But now she's on every darn episode, stinking up the joint with her dumb video projects and wicked habit of dating really annoying boys (Dan's half-brother, anyone?) Vanessa doesn't really serve any grand purpose as a character on the show, she's only tied to Dan after all, and Jessica Szohr isn't exactly Kitty Hepburn in the acting department, so we're really not sure why she's not only still on the show, but been given a far bigger role this year. We suspect it has something to do with the fact that she's the only person of color in the otherwise lily-white cast."

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ed westwick... bad boy now!! bt people's mag (Ed Westwick)

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It's Unbelievable. (Spoilers)

leighton is the best!

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