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Well i would hate to see her wth Chuck after all that he hve done to her! but if she's happy wth him thn its ok wth me coz she really deserves happiness she's always been suffering through her love life!


"I was so disappointed and got a bit tired of watching Blair fight so hard for Chuck who doesn't seem to care anymore"
Same here!! Its so irritating to c her fight for him.. AND as for Chuck he dont deserve happiness he deserves to be sad and alone for the rest of his life.. He cant love and he dnt deserve love >.


I hate Chuck he's doin all tht for nothing coz at the end he's the worst thng ever>> I hate Chair i really wish blair gets a better person and love him instead of this disgusting Chuck!! I wanna see that Chuck all alone with no love no friends no money maybe then he'll learn a lesson! I really dnt get it wht love is ths whn u trade the girl you love for money and then sleep with a girl who's feeling lonely >> I hate Chuck i really do >< I used to love Chuck and Blair together but now i would hate to c them together... As for Jenny she is back to sleep with the others>> Nate and Dan >> she can do tht too >

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Witches of Bushwick (Season 4)

The writers maybe lost their mind thats y thy r confused!!

Vanessa after Sarena coz she is jealous of her for IDKW reason

Jenny still hates Sarena >>> If she is supposed to hate some1 it should be herself not Chuck not Blair not even Sarena.. Why is she dressed tht way and why is her makeup awful as always? IDK y but i feel she is too skinny while her face is chubby like when u see her face u feel she's fat but she's not !!!!!


Juliet>> I figured that her bro who ws a teacher Sarena used to sleep wth him for grades/?? is tht their secret?? Juliet when the season started i hated her but nw she is better thn Jenny for sure


How cn Sarena choose Dan if he's her brother!!! n Lily Rufus r doin good together!!


Chuck when will u realise u dnt deserve Blair>> U dnt deserve any1!!!

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Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Season 4)

Blair style is so horrible this season IDKwhy!!!!

Her dressing,hairstyle all look bad...

Whats jenny's prob??? When will she realise no one turned her into an evil she is BAD ><

Seein Vanessa like this is smethng different thank god but i doubt she lost her mind!!! Why is she blamin Sarena and hatin her when she sucks wth tht silly Juliet!!!

Nate is boring as always, Dan is been noticed mre whch is ok ..

Chuck and Blair Cooool together but the prob is Chuck >> He sucks he cnt luv He is jus bad and he's only good in sleeping wth all girls.. B deserves the best..


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