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New Ausiello spoilers DEATH maybe (Spoilers)

I know the last episode incorporates the Empire State Building and there has been talk about comparisons to An Affair To Remember.....in that movie, doesn't the woman get hit by a cab and can't make it to meet her man at the ESB?  Could they be doing something like that?  I think in the movie they reunited after he realized that she didn't make it because of the accident and not because she didn't want to...

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Does Blair go to Cornell?

I couldn't help but think of Blair when I saw this!  Its as if this girl has taken the Queen B thing and making it totally real.  Tell me Miss Waldorf wouldn't have written something like this...



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Oh Leighton... (Leighton Meester)

I'll bet 25% of this is true....they went to the restaurant, drank and that was it.  The rest of this sounds like a plant by a publicist or someone who has their panties in a wad. ;-)  The post reported that Madonna had a dinner with Sean Penn the other night that lasted hours and her publicist said she was actually dining with other people and he was there and came over to say 'hello'.  Take it with a grain of salt.  Probably not true.

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