I love Blair, Chair, and Dair (conflict of interest, yes, I know). 

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Why won't Elena ask Stefan for help? Simple: she's going against his vampire philosophy. Stefan wants Elena to be controlled, to keep her nature "in check", and transition to animal blood. As it's becoming more and more clear, that is clearly not the path vampire!Elena can take. Her body rejects the "unnatural" way of living and strives to do what comes natural to her: FEED. She's turning to Damon because he:
1) Actually knows how to control himself and feed without killing his victims.
2) Has been there for her for the past season. He's become her "go-to" person, and that bond isn't going to go away simply because Stefan is back and she picked him.
3) Like Elena herself said last week, she feels Damon can understand her and won't judge her. That is one very important reason she keeps turning to him. I really don't see this as forced interaction. I was very happy to finally see some Stefan/Caroline interaction! Their friendship has been non-existent for the last season and a half - so good on you TVD writers!

Gossip Girl Review: Taking What's Yours

This episode was kind of crap. I'm tired of all the guest stars and just want to see the regulars in their own storylines. It will be SO SAD if Nate and Serena end up with these randoms. Also, Sage looks so thin, like she might break. If she looks this thin on camera, I wonder how thin she is in real life =/ That's scary.

The Good Wife Review: Cursed

I love Peter/Alicia, so I was really happy to see them moving forward in their relationship. I think they have the most realistic/solid relationship on the show other than Will/Diane (as partners). Also, Y NO CARY?! I need him to get a storyline already! At this point, I'm even down for a Alicia/Cary affair! Lol.