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Sleepy Hollow Round Table: The Incordata

-Her ability to adapt and change herself to appeal to her victims was interesting.
-All of them sort of ran into each other because he was the equivalent of a crotchety old man or in dad mode most of the episode. He and Hawley bonding towards the end was cool.
- You can't have the 2 witnesses fighting the apocalypse without allies and they've sidelined a handful of allies. No one expects them to be on every single episode but one of the last episodes Jenny was in she literally appeared to make out with Hawley. And the last time Frank was shown it was a ten second appearance to bring Henry and Ichabod together, even though an ongoing thing was that ichabod wasn't on Frank's visitor list. All I could think about was the 10 hours Orlando Jones spent on set wearing an orange jumpsuit and fooling around on Tumblr while he waited for his 10 second scene. Jenny not being active is contradictory of how they've written her so it defies canon and characterization. They've rescued Katrina 4 times so them not making an attempt to get Irving out seems difficult to accept. And Hawley. Hawley being tossed in wouldn't be as big of a problem if his contributions weren't doing exactly what Jenny does, because it leads the audience to always ask why we really need him at all if we have Jenny? He's Jenny with man parts. And because Jenny has been mostly nonexistent since the premiere Hawley isn't seen as an addition so much as a replacement. Then this love triangle BS is contrived and cliché and insulting and overdone. Why is this still a go to thing for female characters? Putting a guy in the mix to unnecessarily complicate things? - I actually was excited that for once she had things to do and was useful, and they still made her a damsel all throughout and had her flame our in the end. Again. I don't like Katrina. I don't dislike Katrina. I'm just not interested and I don't care. She has and still is the shows weakest point. It's like 5 seasons of the Bonnie Bennett situation on TVD all over again except it might even be worse. Stop telling us she's great and powerful and nagical. Show us. She's supposed to be a powerful witch and honestly Abbie has come across more powerful in witchcraft than her. I want her to be better written. It's painful and infuriating to watch at times. They got two female characters right so how do they continually screw her up? At this point I was fine with her going back to Abraham. Hell at this point Crane didn't seem to care either. - Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Does Tom Mison have expressive eyebrows? Of course she will. It looks like a normal baby to her. She still thinks they can somehow save Hebry. This is a baby, in her mind this one stands a chance. Nature v Nurture. Dear God let this be the first step towards her joining the dark side and becoming evil. Then Maybe something good could come from the second mystical pregnancy in 2 seasons. And it'll give Katrina something to do.