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At least these were normal "Kidnap and Eat the Kidnapped Victims" Tentacle Monsters not a more dangerous Hentai Tentacle Monster <grin>.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Livewire

"Okay, so that wasn't the episode that was actually supposed to air
tonight, but I can't fault CBS for making the respectful decision to
shuffle the order around." For those who are unaware of the reason for the order swap, the originally scheduled episode involves bombs and major death numbers, Given the events in Paris France, the episode was pulled/moved as is the usual decision when a scheduled plot line (such as a mass school shooting) intersects with a real world occurrence of that event just prior to the scheduled air date. Some times when the event is part of a story arc, a notice explaining the pulling is aired at the start of the replacement (some times a rerun) episode.


"Did anyone else get the impression that Jane was wiping her tattoos at
the end? My jaw hit the floor, then I realized I wasn't even in the same
zip code as correct." She had stated when she came out in that dress that he put on makeup to cover them (A real standard practice when an actor/actress has them but is playing a role where they should not appear). What was shown at the end was her removing the makeup on her neck to expose the tattoos there.