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Doctor Who Review: The Constant Companion

"If Clara is, in fact, one of Orson's grandparents". He is the descendent of Danny Pink . Danny is due in a few episodes to finally meet the Doctor and become a companion. Thus the stories that Orson references are about Denny's travels with the Doctor.

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Doctor Who: Watch Season 8 Episode 2 Online

I loved his reference to "Fantastic Voyage" (and other movies where they shrank the characters to explore inside someone) when he said "Great Movie Plot" but his follow up had me ROTFL'ing.

Doctor Who Review: Acceptance

I loved all the references to prior adventures for long time fans. They did however get one wrong. The Doctor references the clockwork monsters as being from a ship similar to the one in "Girl in the Fireplace". While this is correct, he NAMED the ship when he referred to it. He never knew the name of the ship. The episode ended with him wondering why they were so intent on Madame de Pompadour but never finding out. The reason was only revealed to the viewer at the end of the episode after the Tardis fades out and on the wall behind where it was is a painting of Madame de Pompadour (with a name plaque under it) followed by another shot of the ship in space with it rotating to show the ship name as "Madame de Pompadour" (all prior shots of the outside of the ship did not show the ship name).