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I just hope that the basic rebooting of the series works. I am a little anxious about the "going underground" of the main characters. If they are not still working closely together, I fear that they will lose the strength of this show, the main characters' relationships. We'll see how this new framework works for the series. I hope it does, because I have grown to really love this show and the characters. It will be interesting to see how this new character figures into the stories.

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Bones Review: The Suitcase Case

Glad to have Finn back. I really like his character and I'd like to see more of him! It was a cute side story, having him caught between Michelle and her mom (his boss, no less!) I am getting a little tired of so much Sweets, though having him champion the little rape victim was good. I also enjoyed the repartee between B&B at the beginning and end! It was funny to see Bones wonder if Booth sometimes let her "win" and then dismiss it, while he just slyly grinned at her. We know he does, so it was funny to see Bones, for all her brilliance, unable to perceive that he does that because he is a magnanimous character.

Revenge Review: I Love You, Too

I was pretty sure the death would be at least Ryan (since he also had on a wedding ring), but was relieved that Jack made it through. Was sad for faux-Amanda's death, but I still kinda would like to see Emily and Jack together, so glad that possibility is now available again. Glad to see Emily get her game on again and have renewed drive for her revenge. Still don't trust Padma, and still don't want an Aiden/Emily pair up. Did not realize how attached Emily has become for faux-Amanda when I saw her emotions at Amanda's death. This was a great episode, though, with the Grayson's at their devious best too!

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