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Wishes for the New Year! Good health for me and mine. Largent stays healthy. Better Seahawk season. More money!!
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Once Upon a Time Review: Believe in Magic

I really enjoyed this and can't wait for next week. I hope this is a mini series so there will be an ending to satisfy. Henry is great and it's fun to figure out what storybook character the modern character is and how it all fits together. Just like a satisfying jigsaw puzzle. Looking forward to all of it.

Criminal Minds Review: The Eyes Have It

I couldn't watch it all. It was too creepy for me, I will probably watch it on "On Demand" so I can skip the creepy parts with the victims. I still really like this show and all the characters.


What a fitting end for a wonderful show. I just bought Seasons 1,2,3 and 4 with creditcard points and already have Season 5. I never looked ahead to the next episode, such discipline I had. I can enjoy it all over again from the beginning. The story line where you didn't see the final touchdown was just perfect. You had to see the champs rings on their hands to know they won State. Wonderful writers, great acting, Kyle Chandler on down, all of them Emmy worthy.

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