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Love Turns You Upside Down

There is one more episode after this one, 9x09 which is the winter finale.


i'm hopeing they keep it quiet as long as possible. personally i would love to turn on my tv in september, if the show returns that is, and just seeing what happens to who. or at least tuning in to the season finale without prior knowledge as to who is going to make it through because of contracts ending. i know its partly my fault because i read the stuff, but i think it would be an amazing thing if they literally didn't tell anyone what they were doing. no pictures, nothing. i know... good luck with that.

Back to Neuro?

yayayayayayayay!!! finally, i just hope this doesn't go wrong.

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Who hates Christina...and why does nothing bad ever happen to her???? (Episodes)

why does nothing bad ever happen to Crisina?

you mean getting pregnant then loosing the baby and a falopian tube, being alongside Mer with the bomb, completly loosing her personality to marry Burke, then being left at the alter, being taken out of the run for solo surgery, the burden of Izzie's cancer on her back, Owen haveing PTSD, even though she wasn't great friends with them - George dieing and Izzie leaving, her job on the edge with Mercy West coming in, Owen getting shot, her almost getting shot, the PTSD she endured, basically being pulled out of the run for Chief Resident, Owen cheating on her, all the fights she had with Mer, and getting in a plane crash. Nothing bad happens to her!?... if something even worse than all that happened she would be dead and then i'm sure you would be happy. 


now i'm not sure why she wasn't severly injured in the crash but neither was Mer. their injuries were about equivalent with Cristina's arm and Mer's leg. If she had been injured any more they probably all would have died (she helped mark and derek and arizona and the pilot). 

so, no, i don't hate cristina. 

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song on last night's episode (Music)

Marwin Thompson, according to's music lounge its Mathew Perryman Jones's 'Looking for you again'. That is the very last song played. Other songs are:


Miss Li, "Shoot Me - Unreleased"

Meredith and Derek kiss while practicing their statements for the judge. Lexie talks to Jackson in the elevator. Bailey brushes passed Mer. Arizona swipes Alex's surgeries.


Mozella, "Hold On"

Alex tells Jackson how Lexie and Mark are soulmates. Crisitna, Mer, April, Alex, and Jackson discuss George O'Malley.


Feist, "How Come You Never Go There"

Henry leads Teddy into on-call room, where she starts taking his clothes off. Mrs. O'Malley asks if Callie got re-married. Jackson watches from the gallery as Mark and Alex perform surgery.


Miss Li, "I Can't Get You Out of My Mind - Unreleased"

Jackson watches from the gallery as Mark and Alex perform surgery. Mer advises Callie to be there for Mrs. O'Malley when she wakes up. Mark seeks Derek's advice. Owen tries to talk to Derek about new cases.


Morgan Page, "Addicted (Feat. Greg Laswell) - Unreleased"

Callie tells Mrs. O'Malley about her life. Owen is worried about Derek. Alex overhears Polly on the phone. Mark and Jackson make up.


Matthew Perryman Jones, "Looking For You Again"

Mark and Jackson make up. Alex explains to Mer and Cristina why he is crass. Teddy comes home to find Henry sick.


Morgan Taylor Reid, "Where Do I Even Start?"

Teddy and Henry argue. During surgery Bailey gives Mer advice on her court appearance. Jackson has a conversation with Lexie about their future.

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do you know where you can get episode screenshots?

im not 100% sure if its against the copyright law to get screenshots from episodes that havnt been released to dvd or even been released as a screenshot. but you see all these really cool icons or wallpapers or fan made things and you can find the pictures they use anywhere. and they are usually in really good quality, so they couldnt be pictures from the dvd. 

i'm just looking to maybe make some fan art with shots and moments form the show. 

im really not sure if anyone can help me, but if you know a place that maybe at least has more pictures than this site provides for each episode, that'd be great.

and only if its not against the law in any way. i dont want to get in trouble for asking for illegal screenshots or something from the episodes. 


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