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Under the Dome Review: The Artful Digger

If you sound so much like you dislike the show and where its going, you really need to stop rating it above average. That makes about as much sense as the show does. I really wanted to post a slew of things about the show, this particular episode, but it went way over the alloted character limit: That says a lot. The one thing I will say of it, maybe the most important thing, is that Max is the epidemy of everything thats wrong with this show: She shows up claiming she's been laying low after 8 days of hiding and she's got the 2 most capable people in town by the balls, so basically the WHOLE town by the balls, but for some unknown reason they can't possibly kill her and be done with her completely while being completely alone with her. 1) Flimsy crap that allows new, yet stupidly important characters into the show
2) Her influence is stupidly big, in spite of being closed off with them, from the world, even though her influence should have ended when the dome came down (Read: Before she ever showed face)
3) They can't possibly kill her why? They had enough problems before her, the plot really doesn't need her making a bigger mess out of a huge mess.
4) Through her, because of Jim, the town is sort of a mess, or will be.. Again for no real good reason other then to inject a "real" villain into the show, when we were just fine with the morally gray/corrupt ones we had. Tell Clair to go back to The Following... It a much better show for her any way. (I did kind of just hate her in this episode, the character and.. sadly.. her, for being there) As for the Key stuff, its obvious the egg doesn't want Julia/adults near it. No adults who have touch the dome have had seizers. The thing only wants kids, probably because all the adults are a-holes.