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1. Best Quote: Chuck: Because I love her and I can’t make her happy. - So sad yet it’s great just to hear him say it.
2. Gabriel/Poppy Storyline: It would have been complicated and boring had Georgina, Chuck and Blair not come in and spiced it up a bit with their unorthodox methods and (always) great lines.
3. More Puzzling: Both actually were. Chuck could have just had Blair right then and there if he just said those 3 little words and he didn’t, but I think that was just ones of his insecurities that he will get over within the next couple of episodes. As for Lily... I think the most scandalous thing ever is having your daughter thrown in jail!
4. Biggest Stretch: Serena thinking that Gabriel would just hand over the money, she gives us blondes a bad name. As for Dan, a little bit of a stretch but it’s possible and as for Kelly Rutherford’s clothes, well that’s the costume department’s problem.
5. Chuck Reacting Seeing Nair At Prom: Jealous most likely as I think he wants a relationship with Blair and perhaps, realising he can be good for her, he will start regretting his decision.
6. Excited for Lily Flashbacks?: Not at all. Not keen on Lily and so don’t care about her past or how she ended up where she is now.

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End game - End of Series

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End game - End of Series

How long do you guys think GG will go on for? Do you think the series has the characters and stamina to go beyond their university years, without it being tiring?

The only other character relationships left to be explored are Chuck and Jenny, Chuck and Serena (which I can’t see happening somehow but who knows) and Dan and Blair.  Personally I think the show can just about get the characters to the end of university, and a Season 6.

Most series, when incorporating the whole of the original cast, max out on the seventh Season, such as Sex and the City, so even maybe a season 7.


And what about endgame? Who do you think will end up with whom?


Again personally, I think it will be Chuck and Blair (obvious one), Serena and Dan, Nate and Jenny (Taylor Momsen will be older and therefore it might not make Chace Crawford so uncomfortable) and then Vanessa with one of the reoccurring male cast member, or even a later introduction – maybe even Rufus (God I hope not).


From watching last weeks episode and the hint towards Lily’s illness and the rumour of flashbacks being incorporated into Season 4, could she perhaps possibly die? Thus leaving the door for Serena and Dan open again?. Although as sad as it would be, Lily is a likeable character and a death like that would be an interesting topic to explore. It would open up a different type of storyline for Serena other than seeing married men, and things involving men full stop. Although I would hate it, if it DID happen, and GG writers DID want to get Serena and Chuck together, a thing like that would make a foundation for a relationship between them, although they would perhaps figure out later that building a relationship on that and that alone doesn’t work, thus ending that little matching. Although I don’t think that would happen until Season 5.


A relationship like that could coincide with Dair, or be the relationship after it, although I have no clue as to how they would get Dair together. Putting my love for Chair aside, I think they would make a funny match.


I just hope they don’t try to give every single couple formula a try, because it is a little random and not to mention unrealistic.


But these are just ideas, and rambling. What do you guys personally think the series will go - couples, etc?

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Jack can no way be Chuck's father (Spoilers)

Chuck may not have his Bass Industry shares, but he does own a hotel, which is bought with Bass money. Jack will want a piece of it, I am sure. But totally agree with you -  if Chuck does spend all his time with his ‘mother’ and with Blair left out (probably not trusting her either) it gives Jack room to move in. Which would make Chuck a little angry, and Chair needs some spice.


As long as they don’t drag it out for ages, when we know it is all so obvious, they could make it good viewing. 


GG have good plots, but they just don’t execute them properly. Hopefully they do this one justice!


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