Glee is wonderful and amazing and fantastic and makes the week worth getting through! 

I'm a proud Gleek. I own the t-shirt. 

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I think this storyline would be exceptionally cool. Too bad, then, that Shonda Rhimes personally tweeted that it wasn't true. Oh, well.

Quinn and Puck

i think dianna agron is positively gorgeous. no question about it. and i'm so so glad that she's in "civilian" clothing now. the cheerios uniform was cute, but it was getting a little old.


Chandra Wilson's directorial debut was, to put it plainly, awesome. I liked this episode a lot. Just the right mix of humor, drama, romance, etc.
The Crowen scene at the end was super hot.
Both the MD scenes were really cute, especially him falling asleep on her chest--sweet!
I love Lexie. Just putting that out there. I would totally wear a diaper for Derek Shepherd.
The Alex thing was so sad! Although it troubles me that a show without Izzie, who used to be one of my favorite characters, doesn't bother me. I actually thought the Alex/Reed stuff was cool.
Dr. Avery's eyes are heaven. Even if he is a douche.
That is all.