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Lynette just comes off as selfish and that narcissim is wearing thin. Tom comes off as a wimp when dealing with her & should remind her that he had no problem dealing with her success. If she wants the limelight so badly, perhaps she should hire a nanny & go back to work. While she's at it, she really ought to practice some sort of birth control if these unexpected pregnancies keep disrupting her life & it's time to hand over the child bearing to someone else anyway. Gaby should tell Carlos she respects his feelings on the matter and would understand if he didn't want to be friends with Bree anymore, but Bree is still her friend. Bree's decision to cover up Andrew's misdeed was wrong but in a moment of desperation, she made a bad decision trying to protect her child. Carlos never made a mistake? I'm kind of sick this show I guess. All the men are jackasses or wimps and the women are always scheming. I've watched the show since the beginning, but it wouldn't bother me if it didn't come back - just don't replace it with another reality show!

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