I've been a fan since I was in Jr High! I am super excited that it is back!

Can't wait to see what is still to come!

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Jennie Garth to Stay; Shannen Doherty to Go

I agree, the show will not be the same if Shannon leaves now and Jenne goes later. I don't think the show has the same "it" factor it did back in 89! Right now there are 3-4 other shows that are knock off's of the orginal 90210- the OC, One Tree Hill, American Teenager.... this show will sink if the old crew doesn't stick around.

Jennie Garth Speaks on Dylan Development

I agree with you! Dylan was never named as Sammy's dad it still is not 100%. Has anyone heard if Shannon has signed on for more episodes?

Kelly's Baby's Daddy: To Be Revealed!

I was just getting ready to rant that Sammy HAS to be Dylans baby...however the more I think about it the more I am begining to think it's Brandon.
Why would it be a shocker if Sammy's dad is Dylan, we all expect that type of behavior from him. However, it would be shocking if Jim and Cindy's boy did something like that! I think the writers will want to shock us and by naming Brandon as the "Baby Daddy" it would shake us up!