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NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Personal"

Great episode, but one thing didn't make much sense (not many may have even noticed). When Nell showed Hetty the paper with the info on Deeks' dad it showed that his DOB was 1969. If Deeks was shot when he was 11 and his dad was released on bail in 1996 after serving 5 years,the shooting would of happend in 1991, making Deeks DOB in 1980 and his dad only 11 years old when Deeks was born. Maybe it was a step dad. Who knows. Maybe I'm thinking too much. Anyway, other than that minor detail it was a great episode.

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Lockup"

I'm guessing that Callen was missing because Chris was away for his fathers funeral when they shot this episode the first part of December.