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Charlie's Angels: Canceled!

finally on track and I wanted to know more about boseley's relationship with Charlies daughter.
I am definitely going to miss it, but it had such low views....can we not give it another shot? Why do networks cancel shows and leave us hanging? END IT with something.
Don't make me wait because I am goiing to never forget. URGH!


100%, oh please pretty please....I want it sooo bad!
My seasons are soooo used that they do not work right anymore. &&
I lost some during our move...stupid military movers/packers! :(

JJ Returns to Criminal Minds

that's the guy that was her boss...He is telling it all!

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Not Responsible (Episodes)

I agree with most of you all, that CAS storyline needs to just end already. This is GREY'S Anatomy...NOT CALLIE, NOT MARK, NOT ARIZONA, NOT BABY, ETC.  I wanna get more in on the clinical trial...they injected the non-saline into the woman's brain.  Meredith going blind was heartbreaking and to see MER be torn again and you know Derek feels terrible.  It is not MER or DER's fault..It is SHONDA draining us of the MER-DER storyline. 


PLEASE SHONDA if you are reading this: GIVE what is left to the season, our MER-DER.  We realize they have lives and children; but, give them a boost of pay or something.  I need for something big to happen to THEM. Like finding out she has the gene from the previous episode or CRIS conceiving a baby for them...weird, but something.  AND, I don't care if they are legally married; the post-it is classic and willnever been seen again.  


So, to what we haveleft in us; GIVE US THE MER-DER we witnessed in SEASONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Don't make us wait till the last season (: !!!!!!!



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This Is How We Do It (Episodes)

I am thrilled for this episode...less then a week away. 

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Meredith's house/roommates

They do show some, and do mention...It is a lil' bit of a bother, but it is stated sometimes.

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