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I'm glad there's only a 5 day jump -- like someone before me has said, I want to see how the cliffhangers from Season 7 resolve in "real time" rather than as flashbacks.

Owen and Cristina are the only couple I'm really emotionally invested in -- their sparks from Season 5 are what turned me into a loyal viewer! So of course, that means I want to see them stay together as a couple. I empathize with Cristina's life choice to not be a mother. I'll be very interested to see how this plays out in the first half of Season 8 -- I'm reassured to see Shonda's comments that she doesn't think a woman should HAVE to have a kid if she really doesn't want one!

I also have seen a lot of comments regarding the Cristina/Owen split that make me suspect a LOT of readers have missed the point regarding that conflict. Owen wasn't saying to Cristina that she HAD to bear his child in order for them to remain a couple. No -- the REAL point with Owen is that they've got to be an equal partnership in their marriage, and that Cristina can't just take him for granted. Their relationship has to be a two-way street, and that she's got to respect him and value his wants and needs. That's NOT the same as saying that she has to obey his wishes. But she's got to at least engage him in her decision-making process, instead of just saying "I've decided. Live with it."

Cristina's argument that you can't compromise regarding having a child the way you can "pizza or Thai?" is very spot-on -- if she truly doesn't want kids, they shouldn't have one! I believe the Owen we've seen all season loves her enough to agree to that. But what Cristina did was simply leapfrog over any meaningful discussion of the matter entirely. He's right to have kicked her butt out of the house for that! I just hope Cristina grows to see it as the wake-up call it is... ah, September can't come any faster, I'm waiting to see what the next step is in this drama!


Interesting... I'm wondering if we see Owen put into a life-threatening circumstance during the premier?

(Seriously... McKidd has helluva fine action chops, a little derring-do from our former combat surgeon would make me a very happy viewer!)


Either Meridith or Alex get chief resident. Then Cristina dumps Owen because he chose Meredith or Alex for that position over her. ::sobs!::

(Which -- while Cristina's mad skills as a surgeon are tops, I certainly wouldn't choose her as chief resident, would you? Her usual lack of bedside manner and compassion don't balance out well.)

Just gotta complain -- Dr. Webber asking Owen to make that chief resident determination? NOT HIS BRIGHTEST MOMENT EVER! Surely he's got to know Cristina's competitive streak by now, and how that will put an ugly strain on Cristina & Owen's relationship?

Okay. Putting away my emo-soapbox. I'm hoping hoping hoping that I'm wrong, because I do NOT want to see Crowen broken up. They're the only reason began watching GA.