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A Critical View of Heroes

here i see that this Tv show has the most genius and intelligent fans of the world the writers have to take care a lot.they got to write a uniqe story . i hope it never goes on like another story of this style like Mortal Kombat that makes me feel sick!!!because I see many similarities in the basic materials like in both of them:
1.they must save the world.
2.there is a character who gathers the ability of the ones who he kills(here Sylar and in Mortal Kombat shung tsung!)
3.they travel through time and space and etc.
somehow in heroes there is many special points that makes the difference.I think the show is still using the credit of first season.
but as we go on the actors play their role very very better but if the changes of inner personality of the characters continues even the actors will lost the way of playing and think who is this character eventually?
HRG is the best of this view he still has his ambiguous personality and is believable.
and the most important thing is that I thought that the heroes start to think about their personality,ego and so on but they end up with just saying who they really are and some very weak answers they get .
1.Mohinder is so real because he is like each and every one of us he seeks for answers as a scientist,he watches and does nothing like us.
2.HRG is a very brave human that goes within these all with no extraordinary power like we humen facing many strange situations in our life without being prepared for it or armed for but we fight.
3.Hiro is a unique science! maybe a part of Einstein Theory, traveling in time and space in a while.
4.Adam Monroe is the history. it`s been changed maybe it`s a great lie .the hero in our history in fact is a super villain!!! the only way to get rid of him is to send him underground where it really belongs to because history never dies.
5.Nathan and Clair are wishes , dreams of human for all time , being able to fly ,being able to leave forever or stay young forever.
6.Peter is a modern super human with all the abilities he wants and wishes for he gets then all but when he goes to the future and sees what happens he comes back to save himself and others ,remember terminator?
you see all these characters are shaped very well.but when we see they have been caught in cheap stories and struggle for nothing, here we can find out why the season 1 was a unique peace of art and here these nonsense stories

Heroes Caption Contest XLIX

Koala:hey you guys what would happen if we eliminate the Mohinder role from the story?
Peter & Hiro:Heh! the world would be saved automatically.

Heroes Caption Contest XLIX

Koala:if these are the guys to save the world ? we all will blow out!!! I got to climb down and take Arthur side!!!!