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Lindsay Price Wants to Be on 90210

Yeah, that would be awesome!! Anyone from the original show you can bring back, i say DO IT!! We should be allowed to see the former cast or at least hear what the characters has been up to! I can't figure out why they didn't age Madeline to be in high school, along with Nat's son.


Hooray for Donna's return!! I must have missed the dialogue in which Brenda and Kelly mentioned Donna being a mother, but that's awesome that's she's still with David. (Hopefully!) Kudos for Jason Priestley to come and direct an episode, wish he'll eventually want to appear in at least 1 episode!!

The 90210 Caption Contest

Ryan: You can play your guitar as long as you want and it won't get sore.
Brenda: Wish I could say the same for Kelly!

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We're Not in Kansas Anymore

I very much agree with Andie's comment. Wow, I was kinda dissapointed in the first hour of the show. Even the theme intro, I was expecting to see the actor's names on the screen, but sadly we didn't get it. And it was too short. They probably couldn't play the same theme song as the previous show, which is understandable, but let's wait till next week to see a "regular" show. I guess they can't tell us EVERYTHING and where is EVERYONE, I for one am GLAD that they had the character of Hannah. Remember Andrea used to live outside the district with her grandma, maybe she wanted Hannah to have the same education she had, therefore sending her to Beverly Hills. It was SO great to see Brenda, but I'm not surprised, Shannen Doherty probably doesn't have any job at the moment, so 4 episodes for her is good. Kelly was awesome too, and I just wrote a post about Sam's father. I still think it's Dylan, due to Brandon and her not getting married cause they only loved each other like "brother and sister."  Erin was phenomenal.. acting like Kelly did in the early 90's! Love the new characters as well. I wish Maddie (Steve's daughter) and Frankie (Nat's son) would be there too. They could Rapidly Age Syndrom or whatever they call it. It would have been awesome have them mixed with the new ones. I'm a HUGE fan of the first show, watched it for 10 years, and will still be devoted to watch the new series as well!

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Sam's Dad?

Well, judging from Kelly & Brandon's ALMOST wedding, I doubt Brandon would be the father. They cancelled their wedding due to only loving each other as "brother and sister." When the series ended in 2000, Kelly & Dylan had gotten back together, so I would say Dylan is the father. Who knows, Dylan might have fallen off the wagon AGAIN and Kelly would've kicked him out. I would say Kelly & Brandon remained closed after all these years, which would explained why he called Kelly at 3am in the series premiere.

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