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Lost Finale Review: Let There Be Light...

Dude, I just finished LOST for the 3rd time. Thanks, dude!

Homeland Review: The Sharpie Star

Damn, that was sad imo.. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are just freaking phenomenal together. Lots of great scenes including Carrie and Javadi. I hope that some how some way Brody is back next season. I doubt it, BUT fingers crossed. Looking forward to next season.

Homeland Review: Still in the Game

I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it, Damian Lewis brings his freaking 'A' game to work each and every scene. imo...
I really enjoyed this episode! I think Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are so good together. Only 2 episodes left. Wow! Damn holiday season :) You can really see Carrie's love for Brody just pouring out through her pores. Brody, "I have faith." Much love to Carrie in that moment. Very talented people involved in this show. It amazes me to know that the border scenes were actually filmed in North Carolina. Now that's a talented and gifted group of people.