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ive got two pretty solid theories for the blue eyes and it makes sense, as we've all noticed people bitten have gotten yellow eyes and alpha's have red, my theory on the blue is that people who are born wolves dawn the blue eyes, because if you remember in season 1 derek had blue eyes. now theory 1. davis said that the alpha pack has to do with jacksons parents aswell as the kanima and derek, so im thinking either one of that packs members is one of jacksons real parents or one of his parents was a wolf before, it sorta makes sense to it because of how much he affected to wolfsbane but it still doesnt explain why he wasn't changing earlier, but i dont believe hes related to derek, although who knows davis is good at throwing curve balls and i love his work. now theory 2. when jackson was killed by derek and peter by stabbing him as the kanima he was then reborn as a wolf hense having the blue eyes, so i think being a born wolf might mean your more powerful so who knows i hope he scott and isaac work together alot jackson has a perfect setup to be a good guy now and isaac and scott are great together as friends as well as stiles... and i swear sterek better not happen .. im not against gay's im for but thats just pure fan fiction there scenes were either points of comedy or survival not romance sorry tumblr's get that through your head -.- NOT HAPPENING

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