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wow they are so cute i like them

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anyone read the books? (Books)

good i love this post

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Who will be the werewolf?

The collection "A Few Good Men" return at March 25  will reveal important information about Isobel.Do you konw Isobel? She is not only the Elena mother but also Alaric's wife, she was murdered. Flash back to the lens after the show Isobel married Alaric is preparing to do. Elena eventually find Isobel information through a series of clues . Damon will be  direct mockery of Alaric in public. The Crew called the set is the most important collection in the half of it , as Alaric, Elena, and Damon will get some information about Isobel, but Alaric and Damon hostility beging from this episode, starting a long time. In fact, they move in this episode hands. Ancient tomb is opened, appeared on a set at the end of the African-American vampire free. In "A Few Good Men", the audience learned that his name is Harper. His modern life is very confusing (such as mobile phones), he will encounter some Mystic Falls in the town of China, he will reunite with the Pearl, he would create a lot of trouble, and sometimes chaotic - there he was, action, drama and special effects show is certain unavoidable. As mentioned above, is always "Yan Fu" category image Melinda Clarke ( "The OC") will guest performances Donovan's wife. She was Matt's new girlfriend Caroline was not satisfied, but ambiguous relationship with Damon. In addition, Spencer Locke, Stephen Martines will also be guest performances. Damon met his rival it?     dvdscollection

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