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Chuck and Blair at the Funeral

gossipgirl4life-omg,bloody hell! You are pesimistic;) don't please! Chuck may not be poor! Lily will helop him, but I think he has enough money, though..
we will see!

Chuck and Blair at the Funeral

Wondering- you are a genious!!!
Gossip chick- I totally agree, but just hope they will stay together, please!!!??!?!?!
mrs.westwick- hilarious!

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ok.. gonna tell you something dissapointing...

In my opinion,Chuck and Blair aren't going to hook up in the near future.

Let's face the facts, Chuck doesn't deserve B... I love them both, and I love the chemistry between them, but I'm a 100% Blair fan from the first time I read Gossip girl.

Back to the point...

chair is great, but when Bart will die, eventually, probably in the near future ( 1 december??) Blair is going to be there for Chuck, supporting him and all those things we do for our loved ones. But Chuck is going to turn his back on her, again! I read the script, and I really pray it won't happen, but it will probably :(


What I want to say is that Blair should go live her life. Chuck is a great person and they have great chemistry and WE ALL LOVE them... But he doesn't deserve her. I know that he will push her away....

Maybe, in the future ( we still have some seasons to go ;) ) when Chuck matures and sees ( once again) what he has lost, They will get back together and are going to be happy. But's that is for us to find out...

so cheers!

And pleeaaase, scriptwriters don't let him hurt B too much!!! :)


ps. Can Dorota please get a storyline??



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There Might Be Blood (Season 2)

guest 24 I totally agree!

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There Might Be Blood (Season 2)

Are you all insane? bart dies and you want Lily to hook yup with Rufus like, right away??? Come on! Anyway, C and B will mature and learn. You will see they will hook up, def on Barts funeral.

CHAIR forever!

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