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Supernatural Round Table: "Heartache"

I enjoyed Jensen's third directorial of this episode. I feel like they are definitely going into the direction of Sammy not wanted the life of a hunter anymore but Dean feeling obligated to continue onward as a hunter just like his dad. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a little more based on what the brothers were involved with when the both started hunting together again after their father went missing. I so miss those days. However, I guess I also enjoy the days of the "BIG" battle between good and evil, as well. This is a series that I'll always cherish, watch epis over and over again, and appreciate it lasted this long.....especially since series of these types, aside from X-files and a few others, never seemed to....also, I have to send a big shout out to Kim Manners as both attached to the X-files and Supernatural...I think he made it what it is today!! We miss you!!