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Still has an interest in Chuck and we'll see what happens?! She was spoon feeding ice-cream to Nate last ep FFS! Why do the writers do such a shitty job at creating any decent storylines. DB is the only thing worth watching at this rate

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yayay for chair YAYAYY FOR CHAIR (Spoilers)

How is it that these girls are still employed by the GG crew. They always bribe fans and using the info they know to get attention bleh
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4>x17 Spoilers! (Spoilers)

Just wanted to clear something up. Someone argued that Chuck was trying to get a date with raina last night. I watched the ep and did not get this impression. I see that he wanted to meet up so that he can show that her father is not such a good guy as she believes. He also went to Russells office saying he wanted to invite Raina to his party but that was so he could gloat about his business deal. From now on Chuck is like "Raina who??" at this point. P.S DB were the highlight of the night. Loved their funny bantering like "why aren't you on your way to meet me" when bumping into each other. Damn this hiatus to hell! Can't bloody wait!
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It makes me sad to see chuck hate on other forums. We tend to analyze characters as though they're real people so it's easy to blame chuck when it should really be the writers. Yeah he's done a lot of wrong and there's no remorse from his side so fans have jumped ship. They say he doesn't love Blair as much as she loves him and there is this unbalance. I do not doubt his love for her. He was honest to her in 4x09 and did what was best for them in 4x10 saying they need to sort themselves out first before getting back together. I don't want to say that CR are a prop for DB. The reason they have chuck chase after raina and believe she is 'sacred' is to bring out an angry reaction from the fans and influence them to think that Blair deserves to be with someone like dan who's been there for her recently. Right now DB is refreshing to the show and welcomed by most viewers, I enjoy them too. And then I just want Louis to treat Blair like a princess just so chuck can finally wake up. Fans say that what should have happened this season is Chuck's redemption storyline where he'll be blair's friend, be there for her and gain her trust again. I know the writers wouldn't take that route because it doesn't generate any drama, hook ups and scandals. I do have hope that CB's journey back to each other will be carefully executed otherwise ta hell with this damn show, y'all should have given micha a raise to make her stay and keep the oc alive!
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