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Boardwalk Empire Review: Forgive and Forget?

The commentary at the end of the show did say that Jimmy was dead. I don't agree with the ending. It made me completely indifferent to Nucky, when I really liked him from ep one on. Now I couldn't care less what happens to him, his money, his smug wife, his obnoxious kids. Don't care if he wins or loses. I don't think he believes Eli. He needs Eli to sit in jail for him for killing Peggy's husband. Either Manny will be forgotten or he'll die soon too. I could have bet my house Peggy would sign the property to the church. Hope this isn't shades of things to come, with a standard mobster lead and predictable plots twists and shocks that aren't shocking to anyone who has watched tv for any length of time. When Nucky was a man with a conscience, it was interesting. This path to the dark side is yawn.


I liked Jimmy as well, but I'm more upset about what this does to the Nucky character. IMO, killing Jimmy took Nucky from a thinking man who was a definite cut above to a stupid thug.
Nucky had a conscience and a code of ethics that at times he wrestled with, but always followed. I liked Nucky, and actually admired him. No more. If I want to see mindless two dimensional sociopaths I'll watched Tony, Barney Rubble, Soprano or ABC's resident bi-polar sorry excuse Sonny Corinthos. Nucky was something special played by one of my favorite actors. Too bad the writers went for a shock and awe quick decline of the character. The dark side of characters has been done to death. One that raises above it while being engulfed in it is rare. I am longer interested in the character.