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Just call me Meredith, Cause I have myself a Mcdreamy :)
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it looks like she has a mustache(sp) lol


page shepherd? yay, cant wait to see him. lol
and i guess alex thinks it's something not so crazy maybe something more serious.. ohh i hope . i love the most serious not expecting cases haha

How Insensitive

wow. I never seen really an episode when it was almost about cristina.. lol
awe derek..
omg i cannot wait for this one :D

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)


that sounds like something she'd say.

I am probably sooo wrong.



"I'll be right here, doing my thing"

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My very first grey's anatomy fan vid


tell me what you think, I realize the one video clip of the house of candles KISS is not in it.. dang... it was soo cute, I dunno why it didnt show up.. next video I do, I hope it'll be more clips.. will have that in it. lol

tell me what you think of the pics and clips, and also the song :)

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Who will die in season 6 (Relationships)

well now we know ;p

I miss charlie.. i was just beginning to like him

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