Callie puts the OR in Ortho

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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 261

Owen: I want to have children, we should have children!
Christina: You're ginger. I don't want ginger children.. haven't you ever watched South Park?
Alex [thinking]: Ginger kids have no soul.. they really should consider addoption..

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 261

Owen: I'm not the one that had you shave your eyebrows for a wedding!
Christina: We should have done something about yours though..
Alex: I wish I had eyebrows..

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 261

Owen: I'm sorry Christina, but it happens to every guy..!!
Christina: Seriously- that's the case you wanna make?
Alex: Never happens to me...

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Who Said That ?!

it was the end of season 2, when the suck-ups were busy with Denny Duquette...

this one's recent, but kinda funny..:

I'm such an idiot! I'm not G.I Jane, I'm attachment barbie!

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top cutest couple in GREY'S ANATOMY (Relationships)

so many great couples.. by this order for me..:

1. Callie and Arizona, obviously! best chemistry!!

2. Derek and Meredith. longest lasting couple, sort of..

3. Owen and Christina. beautifuly damaged..!

4. Mark and Lexie. super-hot. and that's about it.

5. Alex and Lucy. not "coupley" enough yet.

6. Stark and April. team annoying! geesh.. make me press "mute"


Hall of fame:

1. Izzie and Denny. made me cry sooo much!!

2. Addison and Mark/Derek/Alex. she just looks good with anyone by her side!

3. Callie and George. just because George was so cute all the time.. :)

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Who Said That ?!

I just loooove Arizona :) Dr. McAwesome!!

here's another fairly easy one:

My ass-kissing, surgery-hungry, competitive suck-ups. where are they?? 

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