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In my opinion, Red John is not dead. He's too important for this show to kill him off now. I don't think the guy from the West Wing is Red John. I believe like others who have mentioned it here that this guy was sent by Red John to watch what went down in the Mall and if he was discovered to say that he was Red John. He was told a few details about the death of Jane's family to remember in case Jane didn't believe him. This way, Red John ensures that Jane is locked up in jail and can't go after him anymore. Betram has to be Red John's 2nd accomplice in the CBI. The Blake poem is one strike against him and he also likely told Red John about the meeting at the Mall because Van Pelt didn't tell O'Laughlin about that meeting. All she said was that they suspected Betram. It is possible that Red John just followed Betram and Jane however.
My guess is that Red John is Virgil Minelli, the previous director of the CBI. He left the CBI after the gunnings of the police unit investing Red John. He would have been in a position to install Betram as the new director, his man. He could have killed to woman who shot the police officers himself. And I just think it is likely that Red John is really someone we've known in the show for a while, not some random actor who used to be in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Plus, West Wing guy didn't act evil enough to really be Red John. Just my 2 red cents...

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