Hi!  My name is Sofie and I´m 20 yers old. Greys Anatomy is my favorite Tv-show. And my favorite couple is of course Meredith and Derek.
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Grey's Anatomy Review: "Blink"

This was a awesome episode. All the actors did a fantastic job and gave us an amazing episode. I liked that they focused the episode around Mark. But I missed a merder kiss. But the best scene was when Derek tried to set up a date for Bailey. I hope they continue to give us amazing episodes.


I didn't like them in the beginning, but now I do.
Lexie is good for him, she makes Mark a better man.

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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

 I cried in season 2 in, episode " Into You Like a Train" and the last minutes of the finale.

Another moment when I cried was when Derek pulled Meredith from the water and when they tried to save her. And you see Derek sitting on the floor outside crying. 

I cried through half of the later episodes of season 5. I cried my eyes out during this season.

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Best Love Scenes! (Relationships)

I love all of Mer/Der scenes. But if I has to choose some of them:

Candle House scene, Sex in the Exam room, The Proposal.

But my favorite love scene with Alex/Izzie is of course the Wedding.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

After seeing those episodes I'am speechless, it had so much emotions. I cried and laughed.

Don't get me started at the cliffhanger l got shocked. Not knowing how things is going to continue, are both dead or is one of them going to make it.

When I saw Izzie's expression in the elevator she had a look of uncertain in her eyes. As much as I want both of them to live, George has such severe injuries. So its a bigger chance that Izzie makes it. I hope that Izzie makes it, because I love her and Alex together.

I  just loved the post-it wedding, its so MerDer. But I hope they make it legal next season and that we get to see more extraordinary moments between Meredith and Derek.

To summarize the episodes, I loved all there is to say about them.

All the actors and  the crew did a amazing job and they all deserves a medal or a Emmy.


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