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When I first saw a message from a friend regarding "stop ABC from cancelling AMC and OLTL" I ignored it, because I figured it was a crazy rumor. One more thing that hits email as fact and isn't. I realize that not all of us may watch these shows at the regular airing time anymore, I work, I look forward to watching the three ABC soaps in the evening on Soap Net. Isn't that what Soap Net and ABC online are for - so that we have multiple options to watch these shows. Obviously there is a desire for these shows or Soap Net would not air them in prime time! I agree with so many of my fellow posters - I will not watch a replacement talk show. I could count on one hand the amount of times that I watch The View in any given year, and usually only if I am home ill. As for reality TV, the only one that I watch, any network, is Dancing With the Stars. I have watched an episode here and there of others and all I see are people allowing themselves to be humiliated for the chance at money - greed!! Not into that. Like many I have watched these shows since the late 70's, I can't count the number of conversations with friends that someone has walked in on, thinking we were talking about family. These shows are definitly a large part of our culture and in the past ABC has bravely used these shows to address topics that were sensitive, controversial and timely, in a manner that showed how "friends and family" can and do react and support. These shows have been wonderful teaching shows in a manner that was tender and caring - versus in your face and abrasive (how I think of talk shows!) Please allow us to continue to watch the families of Llanview and Pine Valley grow, struggle and teach. A long time fan,

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