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Happy Birthday, Ed Westwick! 07/01/2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Theory:
Jenny takes the picture of Dan and Serena and send it to Gossip Girl.. Blair comes to her and gives her the "smackdown she deserves" (we allready know)
Jenny realizes it was wrong sending the blast to Gossip Girl .. (because of blairs "youre hurting people you love") so she goes to nate to apologize for not talking to him before she sends the blast.
Nate sleeps with Jenny (i´m sure he don´t know she is still a virgin). But after it he lets jenny down and wants to talk to serena about the blast ..
Nate leaves jenny in the suit.. jenny is hurt .. and TOTALLY OUT OF HER MIND
Blair sends a message to chuck that she will be late to the ESB because dorota is getting her baby.. but chuck forgot his phone in the suit.. jenny see it .. and delets the message ..
chuck comes home and thinks blair didn´t loves him anymore ..
jenny plans to seduce chuck to get revenge on blair AND make nate jealous .. chuck and jenny kiss .. BUT NOT MORE.. chuck didn´t want to sleep with her .. later when blair showes up jenny calls dan .. crying and says chuck raped her or sleeped with her and then let her down (or something like that) .. so dan punches chuck (before chuck can finish his wedding-propose).. blair askes "whats going on"?.. dan tells her .. chuck tries to explain but blair don´t let him .. (chuck: "jenny was just.." blair: "don´t say her name!!") and goes away (blair: "that night never happend")
but i think there still will be a happy ending between chuck and blair .. because there will be in paris together at the season 4 beginning...
maybe its true and chuck is the one who gets shot (i hope not :( )

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 103

Blair: Sure you´re not a Humphrey?