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@Eula - You're talking about Season 3 Episode 7: "Shot In The Dark".


Loved the finale and Maddie's sacrifice, telling Michael she was proud of him, I felt some tears as Michael was realizing this was a final goodbye to her. Loved all the Easter eggs Nix threw in there as well. As for the end, I don't think anyone can say Fi and Michael are in Ireland. Remember the "Long Way Back" episode when Fi was going to leave Miami for good and return home? Then Thomas O'Neill happened and Fi's brother came to Miami to help out. Michael had to return to his Michael McBride cover, but by the end, O'Neill outed Michael as an American spy and both Fi and Michael were told they could never return to Ireland.

Psych 100th Episode Review: Rock Stars

I liked this episode but it could have been so much better. Their episode that paid homage to Twin Peaks (Dual Spires) was much more clever and fun. At times it felt like there was just too much going on. They should have had Chief Vick in there, or even Ken! Would have been funny if Shawn introduced himself and Gus to each of the guests with Shawn giving Gus one of the many, never-ending false names he would use. I liked the essence of the Clue film and the intro was good as well, but James Roday is no Tim Curry. He ran around piecing the crime together much like what happened in the film, but it just fell flat on the show.

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