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It was a great episode! I've never really liked Derek, but now I am a big fan! I also started liking Reed, but she better not break up Alex and Izzie. Poor Alex though...I feel so bad for him.Lexie was really funny and badass, and I liked that. The song is Moon and Moon by Bat for Lashes, by the way. Lovely tune.

Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Tainted Obligation"

I hope Meredith does it. I don't agree with the people who says That is mean and cruel,yes he hit Mer but he was drunk and sad and he has apologised. He was also broken when he left Mer and Ellis, as Susan said. He wasn't able to fight for her, and Ellis was horrible to him, probably for many years. I'm not saying it was right of him to not see his daughter anymore, but Susan also explained this to Mer back in season three.
I don't think she should be guilted into giving him an organ,noone should, but I think she will.
I don't see Lexie as spoiled and selfish either, just because she's had a normal childhood with a loving mom AND dad. I've had that, and I would begged for an organ for my father as well.


Alex and Izzie is my favouite ever tv couple, and also my two favourite characters. Lexie and Mark is my second favourite..glad to see so many voted for them!!

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