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True Blood Review: "Beautifully Broken"

I thought this episode was great! Yes, there were a handful of new characters introduced but it's also the beginning of the season and by the looks of it, it looks like it's going to be as good as the first! Every new character had so many layers especially the king! And Franklin was only on-screen for what? 5 minutes? And I'm already intrigued by what he's going to bring to the series. The one moment where Tara is punching the dude and Franklin's fangs come out was classic! Oh, and Lafayette's mom! Couldn't stop laughing when she waved 'hi' so nonchalantly. As for the original cast, LOVE THEM! Interesting Bill is back! As much as I'm all for Bill and Sookie, their separation is really doing wonders for their character development. Oh, and I must agree at the annoyance that is Tara but death is never an issue dealt easily, especially in a realistic manner on-screen. Realistically, she's great but for me it's been a year and it's hard to push that loss of time aside. So, yes, super annoying to see someone who'd already had a chip on her shoulder get an even bigger one. Hopefully she eases up. Anyways, I have high hopes this season will be much better than the last! I mean, c'mon, we got to see Godric again! How awesome is that?!