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DAMON needs to remain a wolf in sheeps clothing. He has to be a cold blooded killer for the show to be exciting. When you never know what to expect from him its great. Hes been a bit to mushy lately. LIke when he was buring the bodies and told stephen he was at the sizzler that was great. He needs to be a VAMPIRE and act LIKE ONE much more often.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 7

John- so jeremy wanna go get ice cream?
Jeremy- No i dont want to go for ice cream are you nuts?

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damon or stefan

Damon is my favorite character. BUT he must remain a VAMPIRE> He is to mushy lately,

He has to be the cold blooded killer who will snap a neck with no problem. THis is what keeps the show exciting. We have stephen who is nice vampire WE NEED DAMON to be the killer. Sweet but deadly. He is so handsome with that dark hair and piercing blue eyes and that quirky smile. He needs more good lines to like when he told stephen he was at the sizzler.. that was great! Last week when he handed elaina the device that isobel wanted that was a bad move... Damon would never do that if he remained the wicked vampire he is suppose to be> He must be kept evil and sarcastic thats what makes him the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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