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Private Practice Review: All About Sam

HORRIBLE episode..
Really Shonda, these characters are some of the most selfish people i never want to know.
Through the years, I have watched..like a train wreck..why because i love Shonda Rhimes, Love Greys anatomy..so i hoped..
and i was consistently disappointed at the most inane characters.
But tonight was the worse for me...
I am a child of a father not unlike Sam's story.
but I would give everything to save his life..
Sams speech of how he would be there without the guy is just a lie..
And his SELFISH attitude on not even saving his life..is the worst!
Really...I was so mad I had to sign up and comment..
Shonda..stop this junk..quick..pull the plug on these characters and let them go the way of all selfish self involved characters..left staring at themselves in the mirror!