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Who Are TV's Sexiest Sidekicks?

Caroline - Vampire Diaries
Sweets - Bones

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 13

Elena: Dr Donovan!!! We have a serious problem!!
Matt: What is it, nurse???
Elena: This man, he has no heartbeat!! And something is wrong with his head!!!!!!!!!!
Matt: Yeah, his hair sticks up funny...
Stefan: Hey!! *bites matt

Damon and Jeremy

i love damon. he's so nice.....to elena anyways..

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Lauren Cohen...

SOOO, I don't know if you guys saw this, but Lauren Cohen was cast on Chuck... Does this mean she's off TVD for good?? Aka, does she die????

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Official "The Descent" Synopsis

Damon's true feelings about elena...or rose??? (fingers crossed for elena)

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Damon and Elena Pic!!!!

It is from the descent. Its a episode promo pic... 

And it said on the site I found it that it is with damon and elena...

Its probably about Rose... :(

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