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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Damon & Elena (TVD), is there another pair with that kind of chemistry? Dan & Blair (Gossip Girl), second choice..they are hilarious together, love them!

Gossip Girl Promos: "Empire of the Son"

I'm loving Dair so far...
Here's a Blair and Dorota sneak peek i just saw on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Love Dorota!Lol

Taylor Momsen Escapes Paparazzi

Wow! Jumping in front of a moving car? swinging on a roof lamp? and climbing a building? don't you think you could have just ran away like a normal teen actor?

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Carrnal Knowledge - The Girl with the Mask

Ok, what i think is that yes, Nate is kissing vanessa because they (together) are helping chuck solve the mystery. There was an exact spoiler about this part in the fanpop page...

Is there a posibility the girl with chuck turns out to be the nanny we've know was coming to the show???

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Chuck and Blair PETITION

just signed....

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Carrnal Knowledge (Season 2)

He said: I will not have Blair made an example of...

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