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It's Vanessa!

I happen to think Vanessa looks really pretty here. gorgeous pic!

Dan Speaks

those are definitely condoms in the fishbowl. what in the world is going on? maybe he's at Planned Parenthood or something

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Anything Goes

Come on people! Tell me what's on your mind (as far as Gossip Girl goes). What do you think of the new season? Who do you like? Who do you not like? What are your predictions for this season? Who should be together? Who shouldn't be together? What do you think of the fashions, the music, etc.?

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Seder Anything (Season 2)

*Chuck's Mystery Girl* From what I've heard, Georgina is supposed to be all reformed when she comes back so I don't think she would be hooking up with Chuck. Yes, they do have history but, I'd imagine her going after Dan, not Chuck.

As far as Blair, she just went through all that trouble to get Nate and in the end she got him so I don't think she would be screwing around with Chuck . . .at least not so soon ; ) and she made it perfectly clear that she has no interest in him (which we all know is a lie and the two of them will be back to their old tricks in no time.)

It would make sense that the girl in bed with Chuck is either Vanessa (fingers crossed) or just some random brunette chick that looks like Vanessa. LOL. We all know in the promo Chuck says "have we done this before?" and it would make sense cause he and V could be joking around with each other (I did hear some giggling on that part).

But those are just my thoughts. We'll just have to wait and see cause with Gossip Girl, you never know.

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Remains of the J (Season 2)

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! Can't wait for the next one. I have to say, I'm extremely happy about C& V. And for those of you who are saying that V is such a hypocrite: hello? every single character on that show has been a hypocrite at some point. But everyone is entitled to their opinion; I'm not hating.

I've been waiting and hoping that they would put Vanessa and Chuck together; every since "Chuck in Real Life" Yes, it's very out of character for them to be sleeping together, but isn't that what makes the show interesting; doing something you wouldn't expect? I just hope that in the next episode C & V are sneaking to see each other and fooling around because it would suck to throw something like that out there for only one episode. That would totally suck.

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