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I'm glad Jenny's back...with Blair being weak, Chuck being unreasonable and Juliet being transparent it's good to have a real schemer back on board. At least I hope that Jenny hasn't changed that much, so she can provide us with new schemes...


I liked this finale. And I liked it much better than the season 2 finale. So much drama, that's why I love this show. I'll be back in fall for sure :) @maya
haha I love your comment, because it's exactly what I want to shout all the time. Breathe, just breathe

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Boring Characters? What do you think??

I've to admit, I've the contrary problem... or at least with Blair. I was so glad that Eleanor spoke out what I was thinking the whole time: Blair's acting like 5 years old these season. I always loved her, but somehow I'm terribly annoyed by her this season. It's like she's aging backwards with each season, because seriously? 16 year old Blair was more mature than this one...

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Why is Blair Crying? (Spoilers)

Maybe it's about Eleanor...wasn't there a spoiler with some drama for Blair and her mother? Mommy drama would be so great....or at least I hope it's not about Chuck and this new girl. There has to be a time when Blair's actually over it...

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Taylor "isnt going anywhere"

She's saying that Taylor will be sidelined but using other (too many) words.


This....I'm glad that she isn't leaving, but guest star Jenny isn't so good either...

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