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Heyy people I'm a huge fan of Gossip Girl, as i'm sure you all are too. One thing that I must say though, I HATE!!!!!!!!!!! Vanessa, Georgina and Jenny. I don't like Vanessa because she's just always in the way with everything, I hate Georgina because she is just a b!tch, and I hate Jenny because she is just so full of herself, and she is also a b!tch! I love the rest of the characters though!. Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford rock, and Blake Lively is amazing, but Serena is a bit stupid! Oh, and when are they going to bring back Jack Bass, i think he's great too, lol. XD One other thing that I must say is that Tripp Vanderbilt is a total d!ckh head. XOXO
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@Vance: I wonder if this could be a way to bring Matt back into this. Maybe before Caroline became a vampire, she was impregnated by Matt? That would definitely throw a curveball into the relationship. Hmmm ... but wouldn't that have meant that he baby died when Caroline died? Not necessarily as there are reports of babies surviving in the womb of dead mothers. Now that could lead into a whole bunch of stuff- I agree with what you're saying there, that would make a very interesting storyline.


@Vance: I know that Klaus can procreate because he's part werewolf and therefore part living, I just didn't want to put that in earlier. I was just trying to say that there are always going to be exceptions to the rules, especially on a show like TVD.
I've ripped apart plenty of people who make up BS about supposed plotholes that obviously aren't plotholes, but this tease scares me for real, as something could break The Vampire Diaries' foundation- That's not true, the only thing that can break the Vampire Diaries' foundation is viewers who bail on the show and people who suddenly hate it for throwing in one storyline that they don't like. And, like I said earlier, no one knows what is going to happen come episode 5, we'll just have to wait and see what happens, and then decide whether we like or don't like where the show is going. @fortyseven: I agree with your point about tidbits being thrown out to generate interest, you're absolutley right!


Oh my God guys! Will everyone just calm the f*** down already! Stop saying that if the producers make Caroline pregnant or end her and Tyler's relationship they will bail on the show. Don't do that! The only thing that will result in is TVD getting cancelled (which people are already starting to worry about now, what with the ratings and all), and I think I speak on behalf of almost every TVD viewer when I say we don't want that to happen. I mean, be realistic people, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson aren't going to ruin or end Caroline and Tyler's relationship, mainly because they know it's one of the main reasons why people watch the show now (that and, of course, Delena- but that's a different issue) and they'd be idiots to just end their relationship before it barely got started. Also, remember Tyler and Caroline are supposed to be like Romeo and Juliet, of course their relationship will encounter problems, but they will survive (for the record, I do know that Romeo and Juliet didn't, but their they're not supposed to be exactly the same). After all, if it didn't then this wouldn't be TVD. Yes, there is a possibility that Tyler could get Caroline pregnant, the producerswould find a way around the whole 'vampires can't procreate' thing easily- they always do when it coomes to things like this (they did with Klaus, because he can procreate, but that's beside the point), it's just what they do. But even if they did make Caroline pregnant, would it really be such a bad thing? I mean, come on, their relationship has to have something interesting going on, otherwise we'd all get bored after two episodes. Have a little faith guys, I mean, yes the producers may have made mistakes in the past- such as killing off Jenna in the sacrifice, but I'm not going to dwell on that now- but seriously, they're not going to ruin one of the greatest couples to ever appear on TVD. Everyone just needs to keep watching and see how things plan out. You never know, Caroline may never get pregnant and the producers could have somethign entirely different planned for her and Tyler- we just have to wait and see. One other thing, @Beru: a pregnancy storyline isn't desperate, and it has the potential to be very successful- it just depends on how well it is planned, and it won't screw up that characters or any future storylines- stop being so pessimistic. Wait and see! You never know, you might actually enjoy it.
Ok, rant over. Man, I feel better for saying that and I'm sorry I draged it out, but I will say one last thing: have a little faith- don't bail on the show because of one storyline that hasn't even been confirmed yet and hasn't aired yet- no one wants TVD to get cancelled. And if you do want the show to be cancelled for this storlyline, then you're not a true Vampire Diaries fan!

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Um, Who is this Dude with Serena??? (Spoilers)

how the hell does that look like Chuck??? lol

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Secret of Bart Bass (Spoilers)

Bart was probably murderd by someone. I don't know about Jack but it could be him because he was so eager to get the company.

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Who called the police? (Spoilers)

probably Carter, because he knows stuff about Serena

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