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magda wants chair endgame!

i'd give anything to be blair w. i'm totally in love with chuck bass and i want CHAIR.<3

i'm from poland, my name's magdalena.

i'm really bored, i'm still looking for some hobby to do, so i watch movies and series all days long... apart of GG, i also watch ga, vd, house, bones, hellcats and glee.

i'm still looking for a hobby/reason to live/passion, call it whatever you want to. since i haven't found it yet, i'm just waiting for another episodes of my fav shows to air. ; )

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god, i was so happy when i heard she'll be absent, i was counting on sth larger, some issues which will lead to her quitting.. maybe if she changes her look, and they give her really good sl, she'll be bearable...

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oh, yes, i want to thank for damon salvatore too!

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Hope Remains For Calzona on Grey's Anatomy

on one hand , i love them together, but on the other hand, after what arizona did... i'm not sure, if i want them anymore.. though they used to be one of my fav ga couples.. ;