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Jessica Szohr: sexy and gorgeous

She is gorgeous. She is spotted everywhere, guess why? cause this couple sells. grow up and learn to distinguish reality from fiction. Jess s not Vanessa.

And those pics are not trashy, thats how it works for men's magazine, i am sure if leighton did the same, she would not get bashed like this. 

Ed and Jess are dating and apparently they cannot stay apart from each other for long. Deal with it :)

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They should just stop with the lame OMFG momments

I dont see CV as OOC really, a random hookup is what created people's beloved chair. so you shouldnt complain

maybe another unexpected hook up will create an amazing and refreshing couple.

you never know

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Jessica Szohr: sexy and gorgeous

And she implied she was a veg before she tasted Ed's meat lol

So who will claim she is ugly now I wonder?!

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