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Racy Blake Lively Pics: The Real Deal?

its totally not her the tats in the pic are on the complete opposite side of her chest!

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Townie" long friends and dan, could we get any better?
2.ostroff security wouldnt let blair and dan in but let juliet in when serena wasnt even there?
3.i think it was rather nice for serena to do so and mature as well! odd like serena to do that but yeah!
4.hmmmmm i dont know it will be interesting!
5.not as a couple never ever ever!!!! but as friends that was hilarious imma totally get behind that!


It was amazing so proud of the cw they just proved gossip girl is still the show to watch! Cant imagine chuck and jack on the same team that will be weird but it would make a great takedown! Lily's a bitch it really is a new low for her she actually screwed someones life up, nearly killing her daughter and generally making things shit for everyone!