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Blake Lively to Star in Green Lantern

Patricia.GG.drunkwriting is just so right. Btw. when I read justjared comments for example then I just can't believe how evil people are, about every single celebrity, it's just really difficult to understand this whole critique.

What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

I can't believe I'm sayin this, but this episode was the best in Gossip Girl history. I loved all the characters and Chuck made me cry in few scenes. It was really epic episode! And Tripp was ass in this episode, but I liked it too and I loved Jenny so much this episode! :)


Love the song, not so much video.
This whoring annoyed too, but what annoyed me the most is that she moved her mouth so few, I mean it didn't go with the lyrics, at least it seemed like that to me, maybe it's just because they way she sings in this song, cuz she actually doesn't sing there.

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For Everyone With Good Taste In Music!

To Lose My Life, Death, E.S.T, Farewell to the fairground ( and so on ) I love everything by White Lies.

Golden Skans by The Klaxons

Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor ( yes, I heard it @ Public Enemies )

Until we bleed by Kleerup and Lykke Li

Enjoy the silence by Anberlin

Vienna by Billy Joel

Flowers for a ghost by Thriving Ivory

What have I done by Anna Ternheim

Bad Things by Jace Everett ( True Blood has the best opening credits I've seen and the best theme song )

URA Fever by The Kills ( I like intsrumental version )

Everything I can't have by Robin Thicke ( Loved it @ Step Up 2 )

Not big by Lily Allen

Believer by Viva Voce

Papillon by The Airbone Toxic Event

Temptation by Moby

I'm in love with The Vampire Diaries music lately, the show is even better.


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Set Pics 11th - Hide and Seek? (Spoilers)

Love Blair's coat!

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Blake Lively Esquire magazine front cover! (Blake Lively)

I wouldn't say it's cute or omg she's sweet and pretty there, but I love it, she's gorgerous and she has an amazing body!

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