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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 86

Blair: Okay now it's your turn
Chuck: I spy with my little eye something..... hot
Blair: Aww thanks!
Chuck: Who said I was talking about you.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 81

Nate: So then Serena went with Tripp instead of me after I confessed my feelings for her. Isn't that just horrible?
Dan: Im sorry, what happened?
Nate: Looks like someone is natefused...... what do you know, I'm rubbing off on you already!

Chair Chat

im guessing they have a fight in this scene :( but at least they will get a good story line together! Chuck looks hot too ;)

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NPH is awesome!

Okay I never go on anymore because I don't like GG anymore but I just have to say that Neil Patrick Harris is the most AWESOME person ever!

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BUFFY FANS: Spike and buffy question

I'm not really sure what season it's in. All I know is that it was dark and they were in front of a grave and Buffy's hair was scrunched.  I'm dying to know what episode it's in because I'm a huge Spuffy fan lol

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BUFFY FANS: Spike and buffy question

Okay so this is a little random but what episode was it where Spike put Buffy's hair behind her ear?

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